Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Don't Blame Ford - He Came, He Saw, He Rejected

Graham Ford, appears to be a smart guy (he took a smart decision) and I am sorry he decided not to coach us. He has done nothing unprofessional for fans and media to lamblast him.

He came - because he was invited, and naturally anybody wants to find out new opportunities
He saw - the state of Indian cricket affairs, the bunch of jokers that run BCCI, the media and fan frenzy
He Rejected - for his own reasons

And Mukul Kesavan's blog in Cricinfo reads "But rumour has it that Ford was appalled by the Indian Board officials and the state of cricket training in India—which isn't hard to believe. And not being given a free hand in selecting his support staff was, apparently, another turn-off". If that is true, BCCI has itself to blame for the situation.

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