Thursday, August 30, 2007

BCCI - Excellentesto!!!

Really - we are all running out of adjectives to describe BCCI's inabilities. So I had to create one - a superlative form of excellent - excellentesto!!! The name BCCI itself is in the danger of becoming an adjective of describing other such organizations. In a future dictionary, one might read:

bcci [buh-ki]
- adjective
(administrations, organizations, boards) possessing most of the following qualities
1. the head (of the body) knows doodly-squat about the organization, the organization's product and the organization's mission
2. might not have a mission in the first place
3. a constitution (if it exists) that gets amended very often
4. provides very little or no customer service
5. has a proven track record of not executing its promises
6. has corrupt practices
7. governing body is elected by a dummy electorate
8. governing body members are required to be illiterate or have very little (or no) experience/knowledge in the organization's field

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