Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hooked to "24"

I am a big fan of action and suspense thrillers - who isn't?

One of my friends mentioned the show 24 and I watched the season premiere on the 10th, and now I am hooked to the show. If you haven't watched 24 before, each season is one story unraveling in 24 hours. The season has 24 episodes and each episode shows what happens in one hour of a consecutive 24-hour time period. The main plot is the lead character Jack Bauer (played by Keifer Sutherland), a counter-terrorism agent, solving a high profile terrorism plot.

After watching some exciting movies, like The Bourne Series, I always craved for more at the end of the movie and wanted them to last longer. Finally this show is quenching my thirst with a 24-episode long story. It will be an agonizing wait between episodes though. But I can watch the six previous seasons. I just ordered the first season in the local library and it will help me with the wait between the current season's weekly episodes.

If you are a sucker for action and suspense thrillers, you wouldn't want to miss this show.

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