Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year Resolution?

Up until the point I was writing my previous post, I did not have a new year resolution. Every year I make a resolution to exterminate the "procrastination" bug without results and I still am the same old lazy self. So I quit making that same resolution every year. However, I came up with a different resolution this year - to promote the 3Rs "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" - to pass the message around as much as I can. If I can make at least one person to take up the 3Rs I will consider myself successful.

Since I made this resolution public now, I hope I will make an effort to live up to it.

So, if my 3R postings make you think about 3Rs, please do drop a line in the comments section or write to me. If you have suggestions/criticisms, I am open for them as well.

You may write to me at mvsagar(at)


  1. I was abt to suggest that- the easiest way to promote 3R's is by creating a community on Orkut, but..lolz.. there are already so many communities with that name "3R, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle"..but u can still try on other Social Networking Sites..Good Luck!!

  2. Vikas - thanks for the idea, I can join those communities to interact with the like minded. My main intention is though to get people who are not aware of 3R hooked to it.

  3. Hey Sagar... Good to see you blogging again. 3Rs is an absolutely wonderful resolution. In fact, this new year I chose not to have any resolutions. I change my mind, I resolve to follow 3R. Thanks for instigating me and instilling the feeling towards this cause. Good Luck to you.